Christopher LloydHe is now adding another iconic franchise to his portfolio.

This actor is most famous for his role as Doc Brown in The Wizard of Oz. The Future is BackTrilogy, was cast in the third season of Mandalorian According to The Hollywood Reporter.

We are currently keeping the details of his role as the Disney+ star guest secret. 

Mandalorian has made a habit out of nabbing exciting—and sometimes surprising—guest stars. They don’t stay around for very long. The second season is a much more exciting one. Timothy Olyphant and Michael Biehn each appeared in one episode apiece. 

Other guest stars who have popped up include Bill Burr, Amy Sedaris, Horatio Sanz, Carl WeathersMing-Na Wen Jake Cannavale. Both Weathers Olyphant received Guest Actor Emmy nominations for their work on season two. 

MandalorianThe current season of “The Ultimate Live-Action Series” is being shot in California. Star Wars universe. It was created five years later than the film’s 1983 events. Return of the Jedi Pedro PascalAs the Mandalorian’s titular star,