Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Gear Up for Baby No. 2

Kylie Jenner narrowly avoided a scary situation over the holiday weekend.

According to TMZ, citing law enforcement sources, a man was arrested outside the beauty mogul’s Los Angeles home on Sunday, Dec. 26, after buzzing her gate. The outlet reports that a security guard spotted the man and called the police, who arrested him for violating a restraining order Kylie was granted against him for showing up to her house “numerous times” in recent months.

CelebHomes News obtained a booking form that confirmed the identity and age of the male named. Jrue MeganHe was charged with a misdemeanor. He currently is being held without bail on a misdemeanor charge of $20,000 CelebHomes News reached out to Kylie for comments but has yet to hear back. She has not publicly addressed the arrest.

Kylie had filed an additional restraining order against another man in 2019 who arrived at her home. One misdemeanor count for trespassing by driving on private land and one felony count for bringing contraband to jail were pleaded guilty. The man was sentenced to one-year imprisonment.