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Singer MalumaHis fashion sense is unmatched. You can find his first collection of clothing at Macy’s. It is called Royalty By Maluma. You can find the full collection at Macy’s, Royalty by Maluma. Get married to me star told CelebHomes NewsReunited Clothing and my team helped me create designs and concept to present to Macy’s.  From a young age, I wanted to be able to create. Since the time I could remember, I loved drawing and expressing myself through fashion.

He said, “With fashion I have so many idea and we have more collection coming out with Macy’s. We are currently finalizing other seasons. This launch with Macy’s is exciting, especially because it’s an American Dream representation. I hope my fans around the globe dream and realize their dreams. “I hope they are inspired by this partnership.”

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