Sephora customers had this to say about the innovative lip serum.

One wrote that he was obsessed with the lip gloss/lip balm hybrid. It’s stunning on its own but when paired with lipliner it is just amazing. So I won’t run out, I already ordered another one.

One shopper said, “Nothing can compare.” Who knew you could get such juicy & plump lips from a stick …love the cooling not burning like other lip plumper formulas. I will repurchase.

Sephora customer, “I absolutely love this product!” This product is the perfect combination of gloss and balm, and it’s extremely hydrating. It was so beautiful that I purchased a second one, which I also love.

One fan shared that the product was “perfect for her” and said, “I have been searching for a lip product that suits me perfectly. It’s beautiful and can be used for all occasions, but it doesn’t last as long as you would like.

The shopper said that he wouldn’t buy every color unless he tried it. It’s a must-have item! Revolutionary! Truly. It is like a lipstick with gloss. It’s gorgeous.”

Another customer said, “I have 2 of these now but I bought the first one a week before I caved & bought a second bc I was so obsessed with it. I will buy more and hope that more colors are available.

Another person said, “This lip product does everything it claims and more!” You will love the beautiful shine, great moisture, and minty flavor.

The serum is luxurious and feels good on your lips, a shopper said. Its color opacity ranges from light to moderate. One swipe will provide light coverage. It has a cooling sensation that can be used to plump up the skin.

One person said, “This lipstick is my favorite everyday product!” I despise lipstick & this is stunning. It’s amazing !!!”