Maisie Williams knows how to nail a theme.

The Game of ThronesA Met Gala icon and actress, she recently took it back to 2000 while attending pal Iris Law21st birthday party for ‘.

Maisie shared before and after clips of her retro transformation on TikTok, first showing her platinum blond hair and matching dyed eyebrows pre-costume. She then cut to the final look and showed off a sleek center part and a spiky updo That reminded of thatFake-hair scrunchie trend (which Mandy Moore once rocked but now regrets).

For her take on the look, Maisie paired the hairstyle with hoop earrings and a bright orange halter dress with furry sleeves. “year 2000 party for @iris__law,” Maisie wrote on her reveal video. 

Iris also shared a montage of memorable moments from her big night, for which she donned a light-pink fluffy jacket and cropped blond hair as she enjoyed a night out with friends, who sipped from champagne flutes.