It looks like Alyssa Chris“They are not living the happy, ever after that they had hoped for.” 

Alyssa proposed to Chris during season 14’s premiere Get Married on the First Sight On Jan. 5, the honeymoon phase was over. Now, in an CelebHomes News exclusive sneak peek, Alyssa and Chris head to the tennis courts—but it’s not all fun and games.

“Did it even interest you to live in this apartment?” a producer asks Alyssa on the sidelines. Is it just logistical? What makes it so appealing? 

Alyssa says, as she gets emotional. “It’s many things,” Alyssa replies, “like, I love the other girl and I want be a part… If they are all like, last-minute, “Oh, would you like to come over?” “I can’t come over.”

The producer says, “Okay, but that’s the point of it all. You want to live in the same place as your spouse.” 

Alyssa asks, “Like how is it fair that I get not to live there?” I don’t want you to live with me because we are not compatible.”