Madison found it a fascinating experience to revisit these songs every night before a different audience. She shared, “It’s amazing how songs can get a new lease of life on tour.” “I wrote these songs when I was in such a different place—a lot of them were written three plus years ago.” 

It’s absolutely amazing to be there [fans]”Sing them live, and you’ll see their reactions. All these years later and we have been able bond over some things that I didn’t think were so special to us,” she confessed. The singer said, “It is very special to go on stage and perform about something that you feel so strongly about and watch so many other people do the same. It’s like you’re not the only one feeling this way. “I don’t consider it a given.”  

Madison’s concerts offer a lot to her fans, and it is that they experience the same feeling of belonging as she does onstage. Madison said that she believes they are one big family. It’s all they could have hoped for, as I knew that we had been counting down the days.

Madison is a fascinating place to visit. Life Support Tour, keep scrolling. Here are more details!