The famous twin flames!

Kelly, Machine GunHe shared the intimate details of how he met his girlfriend. Megan FoxFirst connected. While appearing in a recent episode Drew Barrymore ShowRapper – whose real identity is Colson BakerThey (, ) shared their experiences as co-stars in the movie. Midnight at the SwitchgrassDirection by RAll Emmett2020

“We were filming a movie and the only reason I took the movie is ‘cause they were like, ‘There’s scenes with Megan Fox,’ the 31-year-old admitted to host Drew Barrymore. “I was like, ‘I’ll take the movie.'”

Kelly confessed that Kelly waited outside of the trailer to see if something would happen while filming. Fox finally invited him to lunch in her trailer. Although Kelly pretended to be shocked, the singer of “Bloody Valentine,” said that he knew what was coming because his “gut” is always right.