Here are some opinions from other customers about the Lululemon It Dog accessory.

One said, “Perfect to your material gworl dogs. This is a great gift for my dog! It attaches to my dog’s harness. This is so adorable.

A second reviewer agreed with those sentiments and wrote “The backpacks work great for dogs!” Lululemon responded to the review by writing: “Our pup pals also need feel-good gear.”

Lululemon customers shared that they bought this product after purchasing a leash for their german shepherd. He loves taking his treats along on walks. It was perfect for a couple of treats and a baggie of poop. You can also fit one tennis ball if necessary. This is a perfect size to store your keys and other items, as well as airpods. He may be my next target.

One pet owner stated, “I used it for my dog treats and dog bags. It’s adorable !!!”.”

A shopper said, “Twinning with your dog,” and added, “Yes, this was for you.” Because that’s how we roll, I also have the matching everywhere bag. The bag can hold a few treats and some poop bags. It is also large enough to carry a tennis ball and other items for trips out on dog-friendly or pandemic-friendly adventures. It is attached to either my dog’s leash handle or harness. It’s so fun to match. We get some judgemental looks, but mostly compliments and shouts of “so cuuuuute!” Which I and my dog love.