It’s easy to do. The mystery of this mysterious phenomenon is beginning to unravel.

Enjoy this sneak peak from AMC+’s December 2nd episode RagdollDC LakeLucy HaleThe number (() is a sequence that takes the user one step closer in solving the puzzle. You can refresh your memory by reading this article. RagdollFollow a team of detectives as they try to solve Ragdoll Killer’s case. It involves the killing of six victims, who were all dismembered, then sewn together. The killer’s nickname is derived from this.

Lake is seen asking a technician for assistance in the latest scene. A new clue had been discovered. She explains that Eric Turner was tracked by the killer using this device yesterday. “Can you give me where it was purchased?”

She then gives her mobile phone to the technician, asking him to find a number. Hannah phoned Lake to interrupt the conversation, but Hannah immediately hung up on him and returned to the tech. The tech informed Hannah there was a scrambler for the number she had given.