Melanie, however, denied Aaron’s allegations, saying to TMZ she didn’t get the feeling that his family wanted him placed under a conservatorship.

She said, in addition that she was not questioned by her family about any information. Melanie wasn’t specific about which relatives she meant or who she had spoken to.

Nick received a one year restraining order for Aaron in November 2019. Angel, Angel’s sister was also granted an extension to a September 2019 restraining orders.

CelebHomes News was able to obtain court documents that show Aaron was banned from contacting Angel, Nick, and their families, for one year.

Angel claimed that Aaron threatened her and her husband’s lives in the restraining or order filing Corey Conrad and their daughter HarperHe was eight months old when he died. Nick made similar accusations in his separate restraining order filing, alleging that his brother told him he “harbors thoughts and intentions” of killing his then-pregnant wife and unborn child.