TBD if love truly IsIt may be blind but it might allow for second chances. 

Love is Blind‘s Shayne Jansen took to Instagram on Feb. 27 to pen a special message to his former fiancée Natalie LeeAs the couple set their vows, he left. 
“Natalie Mina Lee. How do you start? wrote the 32-year-old. This journey will remain in my heart forever. This was the most memorable time in my life. I’d do it again, knowing that I can spend even more time with you. You and I ate in-nout on our first date, you got both milkshakes, and we walked through Grant park. You’re the most amazing person and I feel like you brought out my best as a man.”
Shayne suggested that the relationship between himself and Natalie (29 years old) may still be in flux. He continued: “As an adult, I am remorseful and can only learn from my mistakes. This is referring to their pre-wedding fight. [did I just finish this over the weekend? Perhaps.] “I’m proud of being vulnerable and being as genuine as possible. While I may not know the next steps, I am certain that I will always love and cherish you.