One person is known to us Shake Chatterjee won’t be inviting to Nobu!

You can shake. a lotExperiences and feelings regarding his timeLove is blind and he isn’t afraid to share them. In an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News, the House DJ–Veterinarian revealed that he no longer “trusts” fellow cast member Kyle Abrams.

“I don’t know how much trust I have.” [Kyle]Shake stated, “To be honest with me as a person” Although he may not be doing the right thing, I doubt he is going to speak to me.

It’s not surprising that Shake doesn’t consider Kyle her bestie, considering the couple has been feuding over Instagram. 

On Feb. 28, after Love is Blind‘s verified page teased the upcoming reunion, Kyle Abrams commented, “Just me enjoying the train wreck.” Shake then responded to Kyle’s comment, stating, “translation: you’re a little bihh.”

It wasn’t over. Shake continued the story with an Instagram Story on March 1st.

He also wrote “Hey @KyleAbrams10”, alongside an Instagram Story shot by CelebHomes News of the two. You’re a serial cheater, and everybody in Chicago knows that. I hope your 6-pack makes up for the lack of loyalty.