Netflix’s Website Love is blind‘s season two reunion, something curious caught viewers’ eyes…Shaina Hurley‘s.

The reality star kept squinting throughout the March 4 episode, which sparked memes on social media, including one shared by the show’s official accounts. Shaina also posted a few on her Instagram Story and also took the opportunity to clear things up.

She said, “I wear contacts OK?” “I wear contacts, OK?” she replied. Since I was a child, I have been squinting. “Stop squinting!” is what I get yelled at all the time. It’s going to be wrinkles. I have probably developed wrinkles because of that.

Her continued: “Every time that I go to an eye doctor, they tell my that I don’t have astigmatism. Then I was like “I believe I have astigmatism or my eyes are becoming worse.” I have the same contacts.”

Shaina stated that her prescription for eyes is “like 5.25”.

Before smiling, she said, “I am basically blind,” before adding, “Love, however, is blind.”