The boys love beef.

The season two finale was aired by Netflix just days after it aired. Love Is Blind—And revealed who left who at the altar—fans noticed that two of the guys exchanged some heated words on Instagram that certainly raised eyebrows. 

After that, it all fell apartLove is Blind‘s verified page teased the upcoming reunion, available to stream on March 4. Comment below Kyle Abrams(Who proposed to Shainahurley before they went their separate ways over religious differences) shared his take on all the onscreen antics over the weekend by saying, “Just me enjoying the train wreck.” 

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee He wrote directly to his star, responding, “translation, you’re just a little bit bihh.” This was the vet who was then dumped by Deepti Venmpati at the altar, went on to tease the feuds fans can expect from the upcoming episode. He wrote: “Imma warning you”, “I KEEP IT REAL AT THIS REUNION.” 

Kyle also responded to a fan who noted that he seemed to be merely watching and sipping the tea. He said, “Well done.” 

While Kyle vows to avoid the drama, tensions have been building between Shake’s almost brother-in law and Shake.