In this world, there is no place for those who hate. Deepti Vempati‘s pod.

It Love is blindSeason two alumni reacted after receiving comments about her nose while on TikTok Live. Kyle AbramsJune 5

Deepti stated, “You guys. This is my real nose.” It’s not funny.

Kyle joined her, offering some comic relief and saying that he needed “a nose job” because he had been in a “car accident”. Deepti cracked a smile and went back to work on putting down all the hate.

She stated, “This is the way I was born.” It’s the only way I know.”

Her advice to anyone who is concerned by her looks? “Get over it,” she declared. It’s not my fault, it’s just how I see the world.”

Kyle teased the reality TV star at 31 by pretending that he squished her nose and calling her her “biggest fans”