Warning! This article contains spoilers.

The dating apps and pods are now officially shut down.

That’s it.Love is Binding season two has come to an end, what is the cast up to? There are some who have been engaged. Others find it more complicated. Some others remain single even though they got into the pods. 

ThIs season, 30 singles from Chicago tried out an unconventional way of dating to see if love truly is blind. Sixteen couples were engaged, sight unseen. Then they traveled to Mexico for their nuptials.

These six couples are NickAnd Danielle, ShayneAnd Natalie, ShainaAnd Kyle, ShakeAnd Deepti, Jarrette And Iyanna And MalloryAnd Salvador.

The lovebirds were last seen during season finale. They were walking down the aisle as they contemplated whether they would say yes to their forever partner. The only couple to successfully complete their vows was Nick, Danielle, Jarette, and Iyanna.