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Do I feel so well-dressed when my bra matches my underwear or am I just the one? Even if I’m the only one sees, it’s nice mood booster for sure. This is something I’d do every day, but it has been difficult to find bras that will fit my large chest, that don’t have matronly silhouettes or that come in dull colors since middle school. My goal was to find something comfortable and fashionable that is also stylish. 

Then I saw an Instagram advert for Lounge Underwear. I was inspired to buy it. After trying on so many bras, which didn’t fit me properly, what was the point of one more? Lounge Underwear delivered stunning bras, pants, and loungewear I couldn’t resist. The bras can be worn up to a size G, in case you were wondering.

This is why the Lounge Underwear Birthday Sale excites me. Enjoy discounts up to 70% on select products, which seems too good-to-be true. Do you want to shop? These are some of my suggestions.