Louis C.K.The latest Grammy win of ‘has caused quite the stir online. 
During the 2022 Grammys on March 3, the stand-up comedian—who admitted to sexual misconduct in 2017—took home the Grammy award for Best Comedy Album for his project Sincerely Louis C.K.In which he made fun of his sexual misconduct.
Although his win wasn’t televised by the network, fans reacted immediately to it. They believed that his past controversy should have prevented him from being chosen and from winning. 
“Louis CK has just won a Grammy. So I don’t want any whining regarding cancel culture.” tweeted one person“Men may sexually prey upon women. The victims can have careers and confidence destroyed. It can all be publicized – but there will not be real consequences.
An additional person wrote, “If #TheseStoriesAreTrue, @Grammys, how do you justify awarding Louis CK best comedy album after he did NOTHING to repair the harm he did?” While a third fan tweetedC.K.C.K. [sexual misconduct]This is especially true because these institutions are not concerned about the victims of violence. They WILL ALWAYS promote and celebrate violence.”