Lori Harvey: What is Michael B. Jordan’s biggest flaw?!

Steve HarveyThe Internet’s latest obsession.

More specifically, it’s the Family FeudEveryone is talking about the fashion glow-up hosted by Steve. As several viral posts have pointed out, Steve seemed to have recently traded his oversized suits for bold ensembles and outfits straight from the runways. Perhaps daughter Lori HarveyYou were a part of the makeover team? 

The model, who is 24 years old, says it’s not true. CelebHomes News’ interview Justin SylvesterAnd Daily PopGuests host Kym Whitley on Oct. 22, Lori exclusively revealed how her father was able to elevate his look.

“I would love to take credit, however, he actually has my bestfriend as a stylist. Elly Karamoh,” Lori explained. “He has completely transformed him, he’s like a new style icon. He feels himself. He doesn’t need you to tell him anything.

While she can’t say the transformation was her idea, Lori canTake responsibility for Steve’s radiant skin!