Logan LermanYou are ready to accept the lightning bolt.

This actor played the role of the title character in two films. Percy Jackson films between 2010 and 2013, officially gave his stamp of approval for Disney+’s upcoming TV adaption of the franchise. Lerman stated, “I am really excited.” The Hollywood ReporterOn Aug. 1, while on the red-carpet for Bullet Train. I’m excited to see the film. Everything that I have seen thus far has been peripherally only about casting, how it’s done, and that. Rick [Riordan]It makes me happy to be able to run it.”

Lerman said that he is eager to watch the new series. But don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make any appearances. Although Lerman indicated that he would be open to Disney+’s new take on the show, he did not accept. Percy JacksonHe clarified, however that no plans are made for him to appear.

Instead, he’s passing on the legacy of demigod Percy Jackson to up-and-comer Walker ScobellThe casting of Percy was confirmed by Disney+ in April. Similarly to Riordan’s depiction of Percy in the books, the TV version will feature “a smart and compassionate kid with a sharp sense of humor,” Disney+ teased. He’s seen as an outsider because of his ADHD and dyslexia.