The truth hurts—but Lizzo is ready to make a change.

Th singer is speaking out after facing criticism over the lyrics of her new song “GRRRLS,” which dropped June 10. 

Fans called her out for using language that’s offensive to those with disabilities. One user on Twitter wroteLizzo’s song used an ableist slur. I was a black disabled person with spastic cerebral palsy. The use of’sp@z’ as an insult in song lyrics or every day language is not a way to fully understand people living with spasms.

Lizzo listened to the feedback, and she shared her views. She posted the following message on Instagram: “It has been brought to our attention that my song ‘GRRRLS’ contains a dangerous word.” Let me be clear. I don’t want to encourage derogatory language.

She said, “As an American fat black woman, I have had many insulting words made against me, so I am able to see the bigger picture.” [sic]The power words have the potential to make a difference (intentionally or unintentionally).