Even Lisa Kudrow feels insecure sometimes.

The following are some of the highlights. Friends actress is a style icon to many, she didn’t always feel that way. As she reflects on Phoebe Buffay’s role in the NBC sitcom series, she shares that her insecurity was rooted in poor clothing.

“Seeing myself at the show and in clothes, and seeing me as I am Courtney [Cox]And Jennifer [Aniston]”She shared this on the Podcrushed Podcast August 3, 2009 “I thought that the tailors know how to make clothes so they can have a discussion with the costume designers about exactly where it should be taken in.”

She asked them to join her for fittings because “they were like sisters.” Even the tailored clothes didn’t seem to make any difference. Lisa explained that she wasn’t trying to make it appear like Lisa was obese. I wasn’t. It was just that I didn’t know the exact shape of my body.”

She was insecure about her body throughout her 40s. Then, she realized that it was OK. “This is how I feel.”