Lindsay Lohan is back on our TV screens—and as expected, she’s Running things.
In between the supply of hilarious and head-spinning commercials during the 2022 Super Bowl, the 35-year-old actress locked fans in everywhere for exactly 30 seconds when she appeared in an ad for Planet Fitness—which just so happened to poke a tiny bit of fun at her former self.
The commercial opens with Lindsay being asked by a voiceover, along with other gym-goers, what’s the deal? Lindsay laughs at the comment that she has never been sharp after she says so. Dennis RodmanA game of Jeopardy!Then, she went to sleep every night (cue the screams of a lot of paparazzi) and turned her “DUIs” into DIYs.
However, William Shatner succinctly remarked at the end: “Maybe it’s not what’s gotten into Lindsay—but what Lindsay has gotten into,” as she strolled right out of her workout haven, sporting a literal purple glow.