Lindsay LohanYou could be a member The Real Housewives of Dubai? This is so fetch!

Newest series of the Real Housewives franchise premiered June 1 on Peacock. While we have only met one housewife, Caroline StanburyOne of her closest friends is being recruited to the Peacock series.

Stanbury said, “I have known Lindsay for many years.” Page Six. “She is an actress. She would make an excellent Housewife!

But as much as Stanbury—and the rest of us—would like to see the Mean Girls actress on our small screens, the 46-year-old doesn’t think it will happen.

Stanbury said, “I doubt she would want to do that.” Her first love [is acting].”

Stanbury has Stanbury lost Lohan’s first foray into reality TV? It hasn’t. Editor’s note: All should see this video. Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.)

Stanbury confirmed that Lindsay is not going to be in Housewives Universe, and she still has plenty of content planned.

She was actually the one I spoke with today. She is currently starring in a new film and is extremely happy. [Lohdown]Podcast,” she said. “I cannot imagine her joining us. But, I am happy to have them if they want to.”