Before the sunniest season begins officially, Lili ReinhartWants to remind people that everyone has a body for summer.
Actress at 25 years old, she has often spoken out about self-image issues with her followers and recently shared a touching message on Twitter. “Reminder to myself, and to all—you don’t need a flat or perfectly toned stomach to wear a crop top,” she wroteOn March 22,  “These ‘summer body’ trends are toxic. No matter how it appears, your body is prepared for summer. It shouldn’t stop you enjoying everything.
Lili shared her message via Twitter. Many social media users responded to her sentiments with appreciation. You don’t realize how desperately I needed this message, so thank you. One user added: “Thanks for reminding my, you’re an incredible human being.” One third added, “Honestly that’s helped so many people right this moment by saying that.”