Ray Donovan is back and Mickey needs to be careful.

Showtime’s Monday 22nd November trailer featured a bone-chilling scene. Ray Donovan in The MovieThe film premiered on Friday, January 14. With Mickey (as Mickey), the film takes place in the same spot where season 7 ended back on Friday, January 14.Jon VoightRay (a) and 3) on the runLiev Schreiber) determined to find and stop him before he can cause any more carnage.

Official description says that the film “also weaves together present-day fallout of the Donovan/Sullivan feud, Ray’s origin story 30 years ago, and Mickey’s current situation.”

You will see images of punches and kicks as well as shots of cars being smashed, guns and toasts with scotch. Ray said, in an intense first glance, that “I tell you something” he did. “Something bad.”  

Terry Donovan continues the trailer.Eddie Marsan() said, “He isn’t going up there to get the money. He’s gonna murder Mickey.”