Leslie Jones may be calling it quits on her popular Olympic commentary.

The former Saturday Night Live star has been hilariously live tweeting her way through the last few summer and winter games, and now, just days into the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Leslie said she’s thinking she may be done for good.

“I’m starting to feel like this should be my last olympics I live tweet,” she shared in an Instagram post on Feb. 7. I’m sick of fighting people who won’t allow me to do this. They block my videos, and then they find people who believe they are capable of doing it as well. They are tired of me fighting with them.”

While she acknowledged she may sound like just “another celebrity bitching,” Leslie explained that she’s just being passionate about the games. 

“I love being a professional athlete and I love them doing it. It’s something I love, and it is something that you will enjoy,” she added. But now, it has gotten to be too much. No one fights for me.