Leonardo DiCaprio has his eyes set on playing one of history’s most dangerously charismatic men.

CelebHomes News is able to confirm that the Oscar-winning actress, 46, has reached an agreement with the company for her final performance. Jim Jones—the infamous cult leader who orchestrated a mass-suicide at his Jonestown settlement on November 18, 1978—in an upcoming movie with MGM. The incident, which saw more than 900 people die after drinking grape-flavored punch laced with cyanide, is considered the biggest instance of American civilian deaths not caused by a natural disaster until the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Apart from starring as the lead in the biopic, which is currently being titled Jim JonesDiCaprio is also a producer Jennifer Davisson, the president of production at his Appian Way company, according to Deadline, who was first to report the news.

This outlet claims that the screenwriter wrote the film’s script. Scott RosenbergHis work also includes High Confidence It’s gone in just 60 seconds VenomThese are the most up-to-date JumanjiThe sequels. Rosenberg is also expected to executive produce this project.