Lennon Torres didn’t quietly start a new chapter: She strutted out to center stage so everyone watching could feel seen and heard by her journey.

Back in a May 2021 TikTok, theDance momsThe alum revealed to her fans that she was transitioning. “I was fifteen years old when I came out as gay,” she later told CelebHomes News. She said, “I was working and training so hard that I didn’t have the time to think about my future.” She watched her college friends discover their real selves and noted, “I still have some learning to do.” The he/him pronouns, as well as the identification as a male, were not for her. That was when she realized I was non-binary. 

She began her medical transition quickly and is now thriving. CelebHomes spoke out to say that she is not concealing any parts of herself. She said, “I am showing up fully as me.”

Here, a year in, the 23-year-old pens a personal essay on what she’s learned—and what’s to come…