There are a handful of Gossip Girls to talk about and gawk at. So, we’re just going to pick Leighton Meester for today. Leighton Meester’s actually multitalented. Aside from working steadily as an actress, she’s also a singer and performer. Leighton also performed in the play Of Mice and Men. She’s just been hustling. Guess that she’s still in a New York City frame of mind where you gotta work! Meester’s also attempting to sell her luxurious, elegant, and homey house in Encino.

It’s reported that Meester redecorated the little party pad. Make no mistake; the 2,847 sq ft home is great for simple family life. Floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Home offers various entertainment spaces. When not entertaining, retreat to the studio or man/woman cave, if you will. In speaking of retreat, the backyard may almost make you feel like you’re taking a mini-vacation. It does look soothing and tranquil, though. There’s also a nice-sized pool, hot tub, pool house, and outdoor bar to be had. This is just merely a taste of how Gossip Girl Leighton Meester lives it up here.

 15740 Woodvale Rd, Encino CA 91436