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Her blonde hair is stunning, her pink skin looks amazing, and she graduated from Harvard Law School. Now she is a Funko Pop artist. Funko is finally releasing a Legally BlondeCollection, we now have your first glance right here. Please, can we have a “Bend and Snap?”

Four amazing figures are featured in the collection Reese Witherspoon‘s Elle Woods in some of her most iconic outfits from the movie. There’s of course, the hot pink getup complete with the pink bag and glasses, the more casual faux fur jacket and sequined bikini top, and the very memorable bunny costume, which also comes in a special glittery edition that Elle would most likely approve of. Pop enthusiasts and Pop collectors will find these adorable figures indispensable. Legally Blonde franchise. 

Funko will also announce this collection at its 2022 Funko Fair. The annual virtual event is one fans look forward to each year as it gives them insight into what new products will be hitting stores in the upcoming months. This year’s event will be held from Feb. 15-18, and fans can follow Funko’s social channels (@originalfunko) to keep up-to-date on all the exciting announcements.

As stated earlier, we’ve got your first look at the brand new Legally Blonde collection that’ll be released later on this year. Pre-order the collection now to make sure you are ahead. Check the collection out below.