This is perhaps the most important investigation. Do detectives date?

While the track record for detectives dating other detectives (or captains) in Law & Order: Special Victims UnitAlthough the history of SVU Detective Joe Velasco and Elliot Stabler’s 23-year tenure is not great, it has raised an intriguing question. What about a detective who doesn’t belong to the NYPD? This is SVU Detective Joe Velasco’s and Elliot Stabler’s daughter Kathleen. 

It is easy to understand why this ship has become so popular on the internet. Joe and Kathleen are beloved characters in similar age groups and their looks in respective movies. Law & Order shows, both appear to be single. 

CelebHomes News began an investigation of its own and reached out to actor for further information. Octavio PisanoHis thoughts on the Internet’s newest pairing.

“I asked several people. [but]CelebHomes News told him that Twitter is not something that he’s good at. It’s not my intention to use Twitter for anything other than to express myself. However, when I want to see what people are talking, I end up getting lost in the comments.