Bronx native and veteran actress, Lauren Bacall, may be rid of from this world. But, her sprawling “Dakota” home remains to tower, even if it were to be listed for sale, which it already has. What can be said? She knew how to marry a millionaire! Nah, it’s said that the former model and actress bought the place herself after cashing in some assets of her own. Afterwards, she went to Key Largo to give an “applause” to the “Woman of the Year.” Alright, enough play on Bacall’s movie credits. We must check out her luxurious Dakota apartment.

The living room looks as though she hired a “designing lady.” Living room comes furnished with windows that are adequate enough to provide soothing and full views of the notorious Central Park. An exceptionally cozy library room can be found as well, along with halls of elegance, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, formal/casual dining, fireplaces to warm the soul during those cold and wintery NYC evenings. The co-op comes complete with a doorman, elevator, and dishwasher. The price of the package ($26 mill) has more to offer than a piece of Lauren Bacall; location.

Address: 1 W 72nd St Apt 43, New York NY 10023