Jake Gyllenhaal may’ve felt like a prisoner in his gated 2 bed/3 bath LA compound, which he bought back in 05′. Perhaps this may serve as an explanation as to why he managed to sell and be rid of it within a considerable amount of time (about 2 months). The Prisoners actor, and Donnie Darko of course, has most likely moved on to better (and probably bigger) real estate digs. For now, lets take a look at his most recent one.

Cahuenga Pass envelops Gyllenhaal’s neighborhood-yet-private retreat nicely as it overlooks parts of Los Angeles via atop a hill. The new owner(s) will also find an outdoor patio nook and a personal pool area, one that accommodates poolside sitting arrangements. A spacious library’s also to be had. There are 12 rooms total and 2,826 sq ft of living space. The property sits on 1.91 acres, so there may be an option for the new owner(s) to expand or play with that the Nightcrawler left behind.

Address: 7411 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Los Angeles CA 90046