Adriana for her part was puzzled why Larsa was taking it so personally. 

Adriana confessed, “She’s funny,” she said. “Because Larsa won’t talk about the Kardashians anymore with me but she was fine discussing Kim Kardashian’s cellulite in 2011”

At the table, Adriana continued to defend herself. “I’m talking about my interaction with Kanye West,” she said. It was something I saw with my own eyes. He spoke to me. What’s the problem?

Larsa claimed that the story was not in good taste. After asking Adriana to be respectful, she replied, “If it’s going to 100, then I’ll take to 200.” 

Adriana shouted at Adriana, “I can take your down, bitch!” You can take it up to 1000, or even 2,000. It is my whole life. It is my story. This is my story, little bitch.