Lance Bass, former member of the notorious, yet split-up boy band, ‘N SYNC, last sung one of many ‘N SYNC’s catchy hits (Bye Bye Bye) back in April. He’s now saying “Bye Bye Bye” again, but not to an audience. Rather, he’s saying “Bye Bye Bye” to his 1,344 sq ft apartment in Chelsea, NY. Other than the listing of his condo, we haven’t heard much about Lance. Rest assured, he’s been doing pretty cool things. He has a successful book out in the market, made numerous random guest appearances, is getting married, and just scored a contract for his own radio show. And, his place in Manhattan is in the middle of a sale. I wonder how the other ‘N SYNC fellas are doing, besides Justin of course.

The $2.225 million building which houses the 2 bed and 2 bath apartment was built in 1910. The apartment itself is fully renovated. Flooring is chocolate-colored hardwood. Try not to eat it! Bathroom is tiled. The new inhabitants will be treated to a rich 360 view of the whole Chelsea area via the rooftop. They’ll also enjoy the bunch of goods that comes with the apartment: large flatscreen TV, kitchen appliances, on-site gym, and various stores within a minute walk.

Address: 252 7th Ave Apt 10J, New York NY 10001