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Are you ready to start holiday shopping? Don’t panic if you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet. Lana CondorWe are here for you!

They keep us entertained as we look at the footage. To All The Boys trilogy for the hundredth time, Lana is partnering with PINK this holiday season to help young adults foster positive mental health and self-care routines. 

Lana has a holiday list that includes everything you need to feel great, from fuzzy socks to radiance-boosting masks to candle-lighting and comfortable clothes to help everyone else on the gift-giving committee. You don’t have to worry if it seems overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift for someone you love. Deathly class Star has great advice.

CelebHomes spoke with Lana about her top tip regarding gift giving: “I recommend using curated gift guide,” Lana stated. If you have a large number of gifts to give, it takes some of the pressure off.

You can scroll down to see Lana’s gift list, but don’t forget about yourself!