Lamar OdomI am looking for a date to lunch with Khloe Kardashian.

CelebHomes News exclusive interview: Lamar discusses his marriage to Khloe, and the current situation. Lamar shared with CelebHomes News that, if he were to speak to Khloe right now, he’d first inquire about her relationship to her daughter. TrueAre doing, and perhaps ask her to bring you lunch.

“First, I would ask her how’s she doing, how her child is doing and maybe just ask her for lunch, just to be cordial,” he said, adding, “Just to be around her would be a blessing” for him. 

Lamar isn’t the only one to openly talk about his desire to reconnect with Khloe. His divorce from Khloe was completed in 2016. This is the latest season Celebrity Big BrotherLamar spoke out about the loss of Khloe and his condolences to his roommate Todrick Hall. Lamar admitted, “I wish that I could go back in time.” Lamar confessed in a confessional later at the Big Brother House, Lamar revealed that “it would be a blessing just to be in her presence,” adding, “I’d tell her sorry for the fool I was.”

Although the NBA’s star might regret his behavior in marriage to Khloe he is stating that he does not regret his views on the matter. In an exclusive interview, Lamar stated that he wasn’t trying to bring Khloe up for the sake of bringing her up. “I don’t stalk or do anything similar to that.