She’s SURving up the cold hard truth.

Vanderpump RulesLala Kent got real about her relationship with ex-fiancée Randall EmmettOn the January 11th episode of Live Streaming: See What HappensThe host will tell you. Andy CohenTheir split was not the result of an accidental fling. NumerousRandall has been caught cheating in numerous instances.

Lala stated that “this has been ongoing for quite some time.” It’s a pattern of behavior I’ve seen repeatedly and it doesn’t just affect one individual, but many people.”

The 31-year-old reality-TV personality ended her engagement with the 50-year-old film producer after more than three years together in October 2021, but she believes his infidelity started after she got sober in 2018.

She added that “I don’t understand how it didn’t appear to me,” and noted that while she may not have seen it immediately, it was obvious.

Take, for example: “The constant phone use.” 

Lala recalls, “It was stuck to him.” “He could not even get into a massage without having his phone with him. He was also very funny when I got near the phone.