You don’t need to call 911. Lady GagaThis fan has been tamed.

The “Stupid Love” singer responded to a fan in the comment section of a recent post who said they “miss” the old Gaga from her Fame Monster era, assuring them that nothing has changed.

A fan posted a tribute to her 2010 Grammy win and wrote, “I miss you so much!”

Gaga wrote, “I am still here. See you at #TheChromaticaBall

Gaga, who was wearing a white robe and happy to be seen crying following her Grammy win in the Best Dance Recording Category for “Poker Face”, took an IG black and white photo. Gaga captioned her photo with “Me after I won the first Grammy.” That photo still hits me like that.” 

Gaga’s simple, yet effective reply had fans flooding the comments as one wrote, “omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally gasped for air and shouted “omg!” at her response. Not to mention, her response also gave the Grammy-winning artist another opportunity to plug her upcoming tour The Chromatica Ball which kicks off in Germany on July 17.