Waystar Rayco doesn’t have anything to do with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

In the 10 part docuseries, the dramatic family conflict at the heart of one the most prominent professional sports franchises is told. Legacy: The True Story About the LA LakersHulu will soon have a version of this song. 

The story is one of deceit and greed as well as sibling rivalry. It also involves high-stakes transactions. This sounds familiar? Succession fans?

The first trailer of the series was released on June 21st. Lakers legends are featured in the video. LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic JohnsonAnd Kareem Abdul-JabbarDiscuss what makes the Lakers great, and what ultimately made them a disaster. 

Inglewood was transformed into entertainment by the games played at The Forum.

Current Lakers CEO and controlling shareholder Jeanie BussThe trailer says, “When my father died.” Dr. [Jerry]Bus“He bought the team to make the right atmosphere.

Lakers Super Fan Rob Lowe declares the entire thing a smashing success, saying in the trailer, “Jerry Buss was the director, Magic was the star and it was a huge hit.”

Hollywood is the best.