For a gal who’s the youngest (17 years old) of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, she speaks volumes not only in the world of fashion, modeling, and writing, but in real estate as well. What is the latest venture of Kylie? Along with fellow young sister, Kendall, she’s launching a clothing line with multinational fashion and accessories retailer, Topshop. Kylie’s been pretty much hard at work, despite being the youngest and living with a high-profile and rich family. This may serve as explanation as to why she purchased, with her own money ($2.7 mill!), a place of her own in the The Oaks area.
The female cub may be moving out and living on her own now. But, she remains to be relatively close by with mama bear and siblings. Nonetheless, Kylie will be living similarly to a Jenner-Kardashian, with 4,851 sq ft of living space, a two-car garage to go into, big front lawn to come home to, high ceilings, office/meeting/study room, large back patio, and swimming pool.