Kylie JennerShe knows all her angles.

Kylie Cosmetics founder, aged 24, posted photos on June 3 showing her enjoying the sunshine in a one-piece metallic bathing suit and taking a dip at the lake. Kylie, who wrote “lakelife” in the first posting, posed with the camera leaning forward on the vessel and posing for photos. A pair of dark shades was paired with the bathing suit by Kylie, a mom of two. Her hair was combed back and pulled down low. 

Kylie also shared photos of her and a close friend in another blog post. Victoria Villarroel, captioning this post in the water of the lake “Brb was sent to mars.

They were quick to praise the artist. Kardashians star, who gave birth to a baby boy four months ago. A person called it “Gorgeous,” and another wrote “Go away baby.”

Since welcoming her son in February, Kylie—also mom to 4-year-old daughter StormiShe is a friend of Travis Scott—has been open about her postpartum struggles, saying that she was starting to feel “like myself again” after her hormones started to “level out.”