The girls just want fun. 

Und Kylie JennerShe seemed to be having a great time with her sisters Kim KardashianAnd Khloe Kardashianand your friends Anastasia “Stassie” KaranikolaouAnd Yris PalmerTheir recent women’s night.

TikTok’s July 20th event, the beauty mogul showed off their entertaining evening to fans. They brought the fashion game to Santa Monica’s Il Ristorante Di Giorgio Baldi.

Kylie wore an all-black outfit while her sister and friends were wearing white dresses with diamond stud earrings. They even took a mirror selfie to capture their stunning looks. The ladies are seen together in one video shared on TikTok. A viral song plays behind them: “What sets you apart from your competition?” Why are you different? Kylie then mouthed the words, “What competition?”

Khloe posted a picture of the group’s table which had been decorated with Balenciaga bag and Coca-Colas. Kylie uploaded a video showing her and Yris raising glasses. When she couldn’t locate her lighting, Khloe, 24, said, “f-k”, and captioned it, “gotta get the light”.