We interviewed Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton because we think you’ll like their picks. Kyle and Kathy are paid spokespeople for the Amazon Live Influencer Program. CelebHomes may earn a commission from you if your purchase is made through one of our affiliate links. CelebHomes is not responsible for the sale of items.

If Kathy HiltonAnd Kyle Richards love a product, we just Have to It’s worth a try. It is possible! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars love to share their shopping recommendations with their friends, family, and followers. Interview with CelebHomes News, the sisters talked about their appreciation for the Amazon Gifts page, especially since they have so many family members to shop for. Kathy explained, “I am very thoughtful with what I buy my sisters. Their shopping is easy and they are very enjoyable. However, it is sometimes difficult to shop for the other family members. You’ve got to remember I have lots of children to buy gifts for, my sons. I now have a son-in-law. James is my son-in law. It is a lot. Amazon makes me happy.

Kathy laughed and said to Kyle “Your shopping lists are easy for all girls.” Kathy explained that she knows exactly what is in fashion, what the girls will wear, what their closet holds, etc. However, shopping can get a bit complicated for the mother of four, who shared, “I really like to think about who the person is. The thought of what gifts people would enjoy is what I do. Picking gifts is something I spend a lot time on.” And that’s why Amazon is so clutch during the holiday season.