And just like that, we’re not so sure we have a grip on the next chapter of Sex and the City Let’s hope it all works out.
Since the HBO Max reboot began shooting in NYC, viewers have slowly begun to piece together the story. However, according to Kristin Davis (who plays Charlotte), there may be more—or less—than meets the eye.

The Dec. 7th episode of The Late Show with Stephen ColbertKristin, her co-star and the talk-show host shared this with Kristin Cynthia NixonHe claimed that the cast had actually shot scenes in New York to “trick people off their scent.” Cynthia kept the conversation coy by saying that it might be true, but Kristin made clearer statements, telling host Stephen Colbert, “Yes, definitely.” 

Kristin stated, “We want fans to enjoy it.” That’s what I think is the most important. Of the show’s loyal returning viewers, Cynthia added, “We don’t know want them to know—we don’t want them to read the Cliffs Notes beforehand.”