It’s Kristen Stewarts‘ birthday and her fiancée, Dylan MeyerCelebrate!

To commemorate Kristen’s 32nd birthday on April 9, Dylan took to Instagram to share a heartwarming tribute to the Spencer star. She wrote, “Another around the sun and we’re here getting flyer each year.” You look good, Dude.

Dylan ended her sweet post by writing “Yaknow, like they say in toons: ‘awooga.’”

In addition to her message, Dylan also shared a photo of what appears to be her and Kristen leaning in for a kiss in front of a large birthday cake covered in candles. A number of their friends can be seen standing behind them, apparently recording the party.

Kristen’s birthday bash comes less than two weeks after the couple, who got engaged in November 2021, was seen attending multiple 2022 Oscars events together.