Kristen BellIt really has put The Good Place Behind her.

In a new trailer for the upcoming Netflix show, The House across the Street from the Girl at the Window:, the actress portrays struggling alcoholic Anna, who becomes obsessed with her handsome neighbor (Tom RileyHis daughter (Samara Yett). Then, one day, she witnesses a murder—or, at least, she thinks she does.

She tries to explain it but people don’t believe her. Her habit of mixing pills with wine on a daily basis led to one neighbor calling her “crazy”.

So, Anna sets out to prove them all wrong, taking half-naked selfies and committing a few crimes in the process. As her friend says, “I bet they do a Dateline You can find it here. 

It doesn’t matter if Dateline It’s about Anna and her antics. The trailer however makes it clear that we are eager to watch the actual crime.