Kristen BellIs looking for solitude.

With Mother’s Day is right around the corner, the actress said she’s looking forward to spending the holiday away from husband Dax ShepardTheir two children.

CelebHomes News spoke to her on the red carpet of the prestigious CelebHomes Awards. Funny Girl premiere in New York City on April 24, adding that she already sees her daughters Lincoln 9, and Delta7. “All the Time.”

She continued, “My husband claims there is a double standard in which dads play golf and then go out to dinner while moms are expected to be served all day by their 3-year-old and enjoy watercolors with them.” “No, I do a dads style Mother’s Day.”

The 41-year-old added, “Leave me alone, I’m out.’

Kristen could find it difficult to get a rest day. It was February. The Good Place alum admitted on the Armchair Expert podcast that she and Dax—who tied the knot in October 2013—still allow their daughters to sleep in their bedroom.